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Linear Motion Pump - Artificial Lift PDF 

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Linear Motion Pump.

A technology has emerged for deep low flow / volume gas well applications.

Compared with ESP, rod pump, and hydraulic piston pumps, it appears to be a 'game changer' and a good candidate for any type of downhole deliquification for natural gas and CBM applications.

Criteria: Capital cost, operating cost,installation cost, repair frequency and low volume pumping ability applications all favor the linear motion pump - LMT - linear motion technologies.

Downhole arrangement - it uses an electric downhole drive connected to a hydraulic downhole piston pump. Advantage: it can also operate in slim hole conditions - inside a 2 3/8 inch diameter well tubing.

Contact David Davidson,  for more information and production well trial experience data.

Source reference: presentations- Charles Whitehead, President, Linear Motion Technologies.